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PC[edit | edit source]

Console[edit | edit source]

Game Interface[edit | edit source]

  • 1. Health Bars: There are four health bars. You begin the game with 1 bar and can acquire the other 3 during play (See ‘Eir Medallion’ below).
  • 2. Item Quick Slot: From inside your inventory you can choose one healing item and one battle rune to equip in the top (healing) and bottom (runes) quick slots.
  • 3. Weapon Quick Slots: Change between your common weapon (left slot) and your magic weapon (right slot).
  • 4. Special Attack: When you receive damage or defeat an enemy, your Special Attack rune begins to fill up. Once full, you can activate your special attack.
  • 5. Item Crafting: Choose an item from the grid to craft it.
  • 6. Required Craft Items: All the items you will need to craft your chosen item.
  • 7. Crafting Chance: Your chance of successfully crafting the item.
  • 8. Eir Medallion: Two halves of a broken medallion. Complete it to unlock another health bar.
  • 9. Attributes: Your character’s attributes automatically increase as you level up.
  • 10. Character Information: Basic information about your Level, Health Points (HP), Experience.
  • 11. Store Items: Choose an item from the store to purchase with your red shards.
  • 12. Store Item Price: Cost of the chosen item in red shards.
  • 13. Weapon Upgrade Attributes: Attributes that will be improved by leveling up the chosen weapon.
  • 14. Weapon Upgrade Price: Cost of levelling up the chosen weapon.